"Working with Mark Halliday and Moonrider Productions is an absolute joy! Beyond the undeniable quality of his work, what I love most about Mark is the passion and vision he brings to every project. He's a true teamplayer and collaborator, and is always there for me at the drop of a dime. I have the utmost confidence and trust that his product will exceed everyone's expectations time and time again! Since bringing him onboard to help me tell our stories, I've lost count of how many compliments I've received about our work together. He makes me, and all that the Arts Club does, look so good!"

-Nick Seliwoniuk, Publicist, Arts Club Theatre Company

Big thanks to Moonrider Productions for generously creating an inspirational ski video that tells our story of adventure, community and adventure.  We are grateful for your wonderful support. Big shout out for Moonrider Productions.  You are awesome. 

Tim Cormode  | Power To Be

"Mark Halliday is an incredibly talented storyteller. He is very passionate about people and telling their story. His work is beautiful, intimate and dynamic. You can feel the excitement and dedication through his work. He is one of the most professional and passionate artist I've had the pleasure to collaborate with. I recommend his services to everyone I know. Every time we have new projects lined up, it is always a wonderful experience that I eagerly look forward to. My favorite thing about Mark is his capacity to connect to all people and all subject. It is one of is greatest strengths and you can see it loudly speak through his work."

Delphine Leroux, 
Independent Dance Artist and Co-Director at First Dance Vancouver